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07 May 2015

United Airlines Sued For $5 Million Over $8 In-Flight TV Charge – Forbes.com

There are nuisance lawsuits, and then there are lawsuits that make you want to cradle your head in your hands, rock back and forth, and moan. The latter: a $5 million suit against United Airlines because a passenger’s $7.99 in-flight DirecTV service didn’t work.

It all started on February 21, 2015, when one Cary M. David of West Orange, N.J. purchased DirecTV service on board a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Newark. The suit, filed in United States District Court in the District of New Jersey, alleges that Ms. David was never informed during the purchase process that DirecTV would not work over the Atlantic, and that the broadcasts didn’t kick in until the last 10 minutes of the four-plus-hour flight.

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10 Apr 2015

Uber’s Astounding Rise: Overtaking Taxis In Key Markets – Forbes.com

Uber vs. taxis

Based on expense reports from business travelers in the first quarter of 2015, Certify says that “an average 46 percent of all total paid car rides were through Uber” in major markets across the U.S. That’s a steep rise from a mere 15 percent in the first quarter of 2014. Meanwhile, the percentage of rides in taxis, limos and shuttles fell from 85 percent to 53 percent over the same period.

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02 Apr 2015

Washington’s Never-Ending Controversy: What To Call Its Airport – Forbes.com

Chart: Washington Post Express Chart: Washington Post Express

Forget Obamacare, the federal budget and Iran. The most enduring controversy in Washington may be what people call the airport.

To illustrate, here’s a pop quiz. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority operates two airports: Dulles International Airport and ________.

What people call the fill-in-the-blank airport depends largely on political affiliation, and as with so much else in our nation’s capital, the schism is deep. An article just published by the Washington Post Express found that 72 percent of Republicans refer to the airport using “Reagan,” while 64 percent of Democrats call it “National” or by its airport code, “DCA.”

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27 Mar 2015

48 hours in Downtown LA – Lonely Planet

DTLA Chinatown

Think of Los Angeles and you probably think of Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and Beverly Hills, with Downtown barely registering on the where-to-go radar. And until about a decade ago, you’d have been right – back then this area of the city was a ghost town nights and weekends after office workers went home. These days though Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA to its friends) deserves a few days exploration in its own right. The city’s historic core, seat of government, cultural center, regional hub of business, commerce, law, finance and transportation and ethnic crossroads, is now one of its coolest neighborhoods too.
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11 Mar 2015

7 Ways The Apple Watch Will Benefit Travelers, And 2 Big Ways It Won’t – Forbes.com

When Apple announced details of its Apple Watch this week, the buzz among travelers was strong. I spoke with travel experts about what it all means.

Below are 7 reasons travelers will probably like the Apple Watch – and two reasons they may not. The Apple Watch is set to launch this April 24, priced from $349.

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